Monday, January 25, 2010

A morning after

Mild rays of sunshine nudged him into waking. Try as he might, his eyes had already taken note of the night's passing, and his mind bubbled to attention. He sat up, the sheets tumbling down to his lap. A hand to the head, to the hair, and back again; the treacherous eyes were delt a good harsh rubbing.
Mmmh. Time? A look over his right shoulder gave in response a red-digit readout. Well, not too bad, right? A look over his left shoulder gave a response in dulcet ivory. No, not bad at all.
Of course, her beauty sleep was uninterrupted by mere solar insistence. Head stuffed firmly into a pullow, her shoulders rose and fell in gentle rhythm.
You couldn't help but feel stirred by the sight. He reached over to her, hand coming down on hers. His fingers worked their way around to the palm. He squeezed and smiled.
She rolled over, narrowly pinning his arm. Her breasts poured out of the covers with pink flourish, and he couldn't help but smile again. Love be a lady....
He lay back down. Turned on his side to face her. Put his nose the merest of measurable distances away from hers. The freckled charmer sleep-sighed, and he mockingly wrinkled his nose (a gesture perhaps wasted on the resting). Oh, such lips. Such fair cheeks and coy lashes.
The hand came out on reflex, cradling her chin. Her response came just as automatically. A move down and into him. He wrenched out his hand. He skirted the backs of the thighs, pausing on the not-unkindly proportioned buttocks.
An eye yawned at him, snapping open.
"Go back to sleep, creep." She murmured
He withdrew the hand.
"Uh. Put that back."
She wiggled defiantly at him, smiling in spite of herself.
"S'what I thought." she muttered. More digging into the pillow.
He eased back into the covers, and spread his fingers back around the soft butt that awaited. Nope, not too bad at all.

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